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Learning about love - c4lli

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July 20th, 2016

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02:51 pm - Learning about love
Dearest Nicholas,

I'm beginning to realize that what we have is real and long-lasting. I know sometimes I get upset for what seems like no reason, or that I worry you don't care as much about me as you used to, but you have made it obvious to me that you do care and that that care has not stopped growing since the day we met.

One of the main reasons I love being with you is because we are constantly learning from each other. Every day I feel like I go home with new information about you or about the world in general and that's because we talk and we teach. Even if it's not an obvious "I did this when I was 5.." there are things I pick up on and that keeps things new and exciting (and it's been over two years).

Sometimes I feel bad about the fact that we don't ever do much when we are together. I don't mean that the time we spend together isn't fun or enjoyable, because it certainly is. I just mean that we sit around a lot and don't talk too much when we are together. I worry that that means that you aren't as happy relaxing with me as you are running around with your friends but I have started to figure out that our ability to sit and do nothing is a treasure. Some of the best times I've had with you have consisted of us sitting somewhere and just enjoying the other's company. We don't have to constantly be talking, or moving, or doing anything. We can sit on your back porch in sweatpants in the winter with a heater next to us and not talk and it is an amazing time.

On the other hand, when we do go out for a special dinner or ride around in your jeep to catch pokemon for hours in 100 degree summer heat, it is endlessly entertaining. Anything I find myself doing without you, I wish you were there, and thats because things just seem to magically get more fun when you're around.

The most important thing about our relationship is that we compliment each other and we help one another and we care. There is a constant sense of companionship and love and it is unlike anything I've ever shared before. With you I feel comfortable and safe. You have taught me that it is okay to be myself. You have given me the world and then some and you continue to make my heart flutter in ways I never thought possible.

I wish "I love you" covered what I was feeling but it just doesn't seem to even come close.

Your pal forever,

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